Source Ethiopia Client Travel Story: Pat and Dov

Posted on Fri March 22, 2019.

"When we told a friend that we were going to Ethiopia, she told us we must go with Source Ethiopia Tours. Daniel Ademe, owner and guide extraordinaire (a former history teacher with many years of experience in the tourism industry) organized a custom trip to meet our requirements.

We told Daniel that we only had 8 days to tour the northern part of the country. But we wanted to see as many of the major sites as we could with an emphasis on the country’s history. He planned a trip that worked perfectly for us. We started in Aksum, the site of the oldest kingdom. Because of his planning, we were there for the awesome Prayer for Forgiveness ceremony. Next was Lalibela where we saw all of the major churches, the highlight being the Yimrhane Kristos Monastery. The excursion to the Semien Mountains was amazing, including a picnic overlooking the escarpment.

We saw Bahir Dar, the Ura Kidane Mihret monastery, and much more. The pace, hotels and dining arrangements, and travel vans exactly matched our preferences. A bonus, that I think is unique to Source Ethiopia Tours, was an injera-making lesson, dinner, and a coffee ceremony with Daniel and his family on the last night of our tour. If you are going to Ethiopia and want a trip of a lifetime, we highly recommend you go with Source Ethiopia Tours."

- Pat Salber & Dov Michaeli, retired physicians